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Benedict Cumberbatch, Emmy winning actor

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Hey guys!
For a week and a half or so now I’ve been working on my own addition to the #SaveInTheFlesh Social Media Sunday campaign - a text-based fan game titled PDS (Partially Deceased Simulator), in which you play as a PDS sufferer as they leave the treatment centre and go back to their family. The choices you make as you play dictate how the story moves forwards.

Unfortunately, my PC has been playing me about all afternoon and so I haven’t been able to finish it in time! For now, here’s a little preview video uwu

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I could not capture you
even if the words were written in my own
because this skin can only hold so 
much. Because I can no longer look at you
without burning. You are too painful for poetry
and too big for language. You are far too many 
things I don’t know how to write about.


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Bet you thought you’d seen the last of these

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